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This site presents a small selection of stamps from USSR and Russia on the topic of medicine on stamps.

Structure of catalog:

The catalog of my philately collection divided into 5 parts:

  • Great doctors & scientists
  • Great humanists (social and political personalities, non-doctors)
  • Medical propaganda & information (Propaganda of healthy lifestyle, medical education of people)
  • Medical & scientific foundations and organizations
  • Diseases of mankind on postage stamps

This division really conditional, because some stamps may be regarded outright to several parts of catalog.

75 anniversary of Paster Institute in Paris, I. Mechnikov 75 anniversary of Paster Institute in Paris, L. Paster Серия "К 75-летию Пастеровского института в Париже". А. Кальметт.

The stamps in catalog graduates in chronological consistency and in order of increase of nominal. Postage stamps of USSR and Russia described first, further describes the world stamps.


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